About Kawasaki Racecourse

You can enjoy spectacular horse races at the Kawasaki Racecourse. We will show you how to spend your time and enjoy horse racing at Kawasaki Racecourse.

Entering the Kawasaki Racecourse

Checking Out the Race Horses

You can see the horses waiting for the next race in the paddock. Seeing the horses up close is quite an impact. Find your favorite horse.

Buying Betting Tickets

Select a horse to place a bet and buy a betting ticket. Fill out a mark card, place the bet, and insert the card into a betting machine.

Cheering for the Horses

We recommend the area in front of the finishing line to watch the horse races. Enjoy the super exciting races while cheering for your horse to win.

Verifying the Results

Once all of the horses have finished the race, the results will be displayed on the turf vision.Please make sure to hold on to your betting ticket until the final results are displayed. If you had placed your bet on the winning horse, it’s time to go pick up your winnings.